Having Fun This Holiday in Your Apartment: Decorations, Activities, and Desserts!

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It is the Christmas holiday again; winter has come, and the mountain tops are freezing. It is that time of the season that can lock you indoors unless you are creative. Nothing is more beautiful than inviting your friends and family for a holiday in your apartment. The laughter and merriment as you reminisce memories with your favorite friends are unparalleled. If you want a perfect place to end the year in style, then New York sounds like the ideal city for you. 85 East End is in the center of all the fun activities in New York, and you just won't run out of things to do. You could decorate your apartment with your favorite Apartment Winter Trends and rejuvenate the holiday spirit. Changing your pillows into Cozycore Holiday Decoration will significantly accentuate the holiday mood.

Fun Indoor Games to Play Over the Holiday

Do not let the falling snows take the fun away from you. You could play numerous games with your friends during the cool evenings in the apartment to pass the time. The following are some indoor games you might want to try:

Balloon Games

There are numerous balloon games you can try out this Christmas. Good enough, these games are suitable for family members of all ages. A good example is competing on the number of balloons one can blow in a minute. Time yourself and compete on the number of balloons your friends can blow, and to make it enjoyable, find a gift to reward the winner.

Board Games

Board games are another excellent example of games you could occupy yourself with this holiday. There are several types of games you could play depending on the ages of your guests. You can choose from snakes, Cluedo, and monopoly, among several other board games you might like.


It is an old-time favorite for many people of all ages. Get yourself a scrabble board this holiday, and you are sure your holiday will be fun-filled and intellectually enriching. Playing games over evening coffee with friends is an all-time favorite for many, and you should try it this season.

New York City is a fantastic city with a cozy atmosphere, and you will have fun activities this season. Apart from practicing new Christmas decorations, recipes, and holiday desserts, you still have a chance to visit new places in the city. Try a helicopter tour over New York to experience the city from aloft.

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